The main laboratory tests that can be carried out, according to the corresponding available equipment, are the following

Laboratory Testing in Soil

  • Sieve Analysis.
  • Natural Moisture, Specific Gravity, Unit Weight.
  • Atterberg Tests.
  • Proctor and C.B.R Tests.
  • Unconfined Compression Strength (UCS).
  • Compressive Strength.
  • Permeability (constant and variable head).
  • Triaxial Compression Tests (CUPP, UU, CD).

Laboratory Testing in Rock

  • Uniaxial Compression Test of Rock Samples.
  • Point Load Test
  • Brazilian Test.
  • Schmidt Hammer Test

Mineralogical and Chemical Analysis Tests

  • PH (water).
  • CO2 (water).
  • NH4 (water).
  • Mg++, Ca++ (water).
  • SO4 (water and soil).
  • Cl- (water and soil).
  • Conductivity (water and soil).
  • Acidity, Alkalinity (water).
  • Acidity Degree (soil).
  • CaCO3 (soil).
  • Organics (soil).
  • Concrete Testing
  • Concrete Composition.

In Situ Sampling, Maintenance and Determination of Strength of Concrete Samples.

  • Schmidt Hammer Tests, Ultrasound Tests, Pull-Starch Tests
  • Determination of Aggregate Soundness.
  • Los Angeles Test
  • Sand Equivalent of Soils and Fine Aggregate